Thursday, March 1, 2007

keep those collars down

Not every asshole pops their collar, but you can rest assure that everyone who pops their collar is an asshole. To be very blunt- nothing makes me want to kick a puppy more than some chud in a polo with his collar popped up around his ears.

Collar popping has become the international symbol for all things "that guy," and has spread to the point that there are multiple variations of the collar pop. The collar pop has evolved from the classic, single "polo-pop", to the notorious "jacket / polo" combo, more commonly seen in times of cold weather, to the dreaded "double collar pop."

If your popping multiple collars at this point, your full blown to the point where not even Magic Johnson can save you- because not only are you consciously deciding to wear a polo as an undershirt (retarded), but one collar is simply not enough to contain how much of a complete tool you really are.

Rule # 13 - Under no circumstances shall your collar ever be popped.


Sexy said...

yeah im not a fan of the popped collar either. like a year ago at my old job some queer dudes came in with popped collars and we all popped our collars on the job to mock him. it was pretty rotten but it was a laugh.

John said...

i agree, under no circumstances should collars be popped

The Noel Show said...

Haha. I fricken love you.
Have you met the double collar-popper with the white hat yet? I certainly have.

Kate said...

My friend went as "that guy" for halloween. He had on six polo shirts (all popped), a yankees hat, a bluetooth earpiece and a sweatband on his forearm. It was amazing.

Johnny JAS said...

your like the biggest duesh bag ever what the fuck is wrong with poppin' the damn thing its a fashion statement not a statement about your personality its called style dip shit